Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2019


Accion International - EUR 783,038 – CD project

This is a framework that is set up with Accion International, a non-profit organisation committed to creating a financially inclusive world. This framework agreement will enable Accion to provide support to FMO clients across the globe, strengthening their capacities to empower entrepreneurs and contributing to building a better world. In 2019, it is expected to support clients such as DAWN and PGMF in Myanmar, and to multiple clients worldwide through the Africa Board Fellowship and the Fintech CEO Forum and Financial Inclusion Summit.. The framework agreement aims to build value among FMO clients by improving their strategic, technical, and operational leadership, either through traditional consultancy projects or through networking and convening activities.


Acumen Fund Inc. - EUR 500,000 – Technical Assistance Facility

The purpose of the facility is to support ARAF’s investment strategy of building profitable, scaling, and socially responsible climate adaptive businesses that serve the underserved, support greater gender integration through targeted technical assistance (TA) interventions and provide a financial return to ARAF and its investors. It shall provide funding to the following types of TA projects: (1) Funding for Climate Adaptation Interventions, including gender specific initiatives, (2) BDS and Management/Employee Training projects, (3) Lean Data projects, and (4) TAF Support projects.


Advans International - EUR 89,415 – CD project

This is a project with Advans International. The overall objective of this project is to improve Advans CI’s portfolio quality, its operational efficiency and its Client Protection Principles. The project focuses on three core components to achieve this objective: 1) strengthening operational efficiency through a/o a restructuring of the branches, 2) risk management capacity building for staff and 3) integration of the Client Protection Principles throughout the operations.


Apollo Agriculture: EUR 16,721 - CD project

Apollo Agriculture is an agri-technology start-up company, providing fertiliser and seed on credit, as well as insurance and farming advice to smallholders growing maize in Kenya. FMO’s contribution aims at increasing the dialogue between Smart Campaign and Apollo, supporting the adaptation of Smart Campaign’s standards for digital credit to Apollo’s smallholder finance business model, and in the future, to similar digital credit providers in the region.


Changemaker SAL - EUR 100,000 - CD project

This project is with ChangeMaker SAL., the managing partner for several initiatives promoting social entrepreneurship for youth in the MENA region. The project supports youth entrepreneurs in Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon in starting and scaling their social enterprise.


Dolma Fund Management - EUR 51,000 - CD project

This project is with Dolma Impact Fund (DIF). It is the first commercial impact fund in Nepal providing growth capital to SMEs, including a focus (25%) on the hydropower and solar sector. DIF is continuously facing challenges linked to E&S with its investee companies, especially as they apply international standards. Therefore, DIF requires expert support to ensure that both the funds’ and its investees meet these standards.


Frankfurt School of Finance - EUR 20,110 - CD project

The Capacity Development (CD) project is a continuation of the current framework agreement between the FS and FMO. The objective is to assist FI clients (initially in Africa, now globally) with risk management issues and business development.


Global Banking Alliance for Women - EUR 200,000 - CD project

The Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) is a global consortium of financial institutions dedicated to supporting banks by capturing the opportunity of the women’s market. GBA members work in more than 135 countries to build innovative and comprehensive programs that deliver women the tools that they need to succeed, including access to capital, information, education and markets. Indirectly, this project will benefit FMO’s client banks, primarily in Africa and Asia, but also other regions.
The aim of this third project with GBA is to support two critical areas necessary to grow the Alliance and integrate more women into the economy. Firstly, peer learning activities and secondly, building gender data capacity for GBA and its members and select stakeholders.


Grofin Managers - EUR 80,000 - CD project

The project is with GroFin SGB Fund Business Support Facility Trust. The beneficiaries of this project are GroFin and its WSME clients in Africa. To support GroFin’s SGB Fund to grow its WSME portfolio and to better serve this segment by offering financial and non-financial services.


Making Cents International - EUR 85,000 - CD project

The project is with Making Cents International, a US based development consultancy company. The direct beneficiaries of the project are the Jordanian MFI Tamweelcom and Tamweelcom’s Syrian refugee borrowers living in Jordan. The objectives of this project are to 1) integrate Tamweelcom on the platform, 2) onboard its (new) refugee clients and 3) support Tamweelcom with capacity building to serve the new target market.


Making Cents International - EUR 18,000 - CD project

The objective is to establish a partnership between Al Majmoua and one or more MFIs based in the Philippines, aiming at a productive cooperation that will benefit Al Majmoua’s migrant worker clients. The project focuses on Filipino migrants enabling them to set up a
business when they return home.


Nitlapan UCA - EUR 134,000 - CD project

The objective of the funding is to support the entrepreneurial microfinance program for ASOCHIVIDA members managed by Nitlapan on its path to sustainability. The program provides loans and technical assistance to promote livelihood opportunities for families, whose main income earner has fallen ill to CKD. CKD is an epidemic affecting manual workers in Central America.


People's Pension Holding - EUR 178,556 - CD project

Funding for this project will be dedicated to People’s Pension Trust Ghana (PPT), a subsidiary of PPH. PPT provides pension schemes to workers in the informal sector in Ghana. The project aims to enable PPH to continue developing micro-pension funds for the informal sector in Africa, starting with Ghana’s People’s Pension Trust.


PT Bina Artha Ventura - EUR 23,000 - CD project

The aim of this project is to develop a data warehouse and improved business intelligence in order to improve company performance, but also to improve BAV’s client service and product offerings. As part of its regular business process, CAA-Indonesia collects a wealth of information about clients as well as transaction-level details for each process. To obtain a deeper understanding of patterns and trends in business performance and relate them to client segments, geographical areas and other associated data points, BAV considers it key to create a unified data warehouse along with a reporting platform.


Seed for Progress Foundation - EUR 217,323 - CD project

The objective is to support Mercon Coffee Group’s Seeds for Progress Foundation with the establishment and replication of two so-called Escuela y Café (“School and Coffee”) Colombian pilot projects in two different coffee communities in Nicaragua, to incentivize rural youth to remain in the coffee industry to ensure the continued supply of coffee.


A AND B Tech LLC - EUR 37,404.62 - CD project

Vitas Group (“Vitas”) is a Global Communities enterprise established in 2006 to own and operate Global Communities’ commercially oriented microfinance institutions. Vitas is the largest commercial network of MSME lending companies in the Middle East and is the first investment vehicle of its kind in the region. Contracting is with AandB Tech LLC (Finconecta), Digital Strategy Consultants and Fintech. The aim of this project is to provide strategic guidance to senior management to local teams in order to build the technology management capacity of subsidiaries and its IT support unit in Serbia.


Liwwa - EUR 23,974,79 - CD project

Liwwa is a crowdfunding platform based in Jordan that supports MSMEs. Liwwa Inc. is a FinTech start-up that operates a crowdfunding platform to provide trade finance to un(der)served small businesses. Liwwa started operations in March 2015 and targets MSMEs in Jordan. These MSMEs benefit from an online loan application process and marketplace function, while retail investors can crowdfund ‘campaigns’ based on the credit assessment, loan structuring and pricing determined by Liwwa.


Mercapital De Nicaragua SA - EUR 16,940.12 - CD project

The objective of this project is to get an in-depth diagnostic of the client protection practices and policies of this lending process, as well as a set of recommendations and an action plan for Mercapital, while using the official Smart Campaign methodology.


Finance for Jobs Consultancy Services- Eur 418,393 - convertible grant


The objective is to co-invest in the first World Bank sponsored Development Impact Bond (“DIB”) to support youth employment in Palestine. The DIB is seeking to work with approximately 1,500 young unemployed Palestinians aged 18-29 in the West Bank and Gaza and aims to support over 400 participants in their transition to employment. At least 203 are expected to sustain their employment for at least 6 months.