Finance for Jobs Consultancy Service

Supporting innovation by youth in Palestine

Who is our client

FMO’s client is a private limited liability company domiciled in the West Bank, a newly formed SPV set up to serve as the prime contracting entity within the Development Impact Bond and will enter into contract, among others, with the outcomes payer, the service providers, and the DIB manager team.

Funding objective

The objective is to co-invest in the first World Bank sponsored Development Impact Bond (“DIB”) to support youth employment in Palestine. The DIB is seeking to work with approximately 1,500 young unemployed Palestinians aged 18-29 in the West Bank and Gaza and aims to support over 400 participants in their transition to employment. At least 203 are expected to sustain their employment for at least 6 months.

Why we fund this project

We are funding the DIB, because it represents a new approach to tackling considerable social challenges such as youth unemployment in Palestine while also learning from an innovative DIB structure. The opportunity of this specific pilot will create a precedent transaction for future pipeline opportunities and inform FMO’s next steps in this area of innovative financing, both in youth employment and other potential issue areas such as refugee finance or climate-smart agriculture.

MASSIF investment | EUR 0.42 million

Instrument | Development Impact Bond (DIB)