Grofin SGB Fund Limited Partnerships

Who is our client

GroFin is a private development finance institution specialized in financing and supporting small and growing businesses across Africa and the Middle East by combining medium term loan capital and value-added business support. By generating employment, strengthening value chains and building markets, their investments bring about inclusive economic growth and improved living conditions in the low- and middle-income countries where they operate.

Funding objective

The funding will be fully used to finance women-owned SMEs.

Why we fund this project

Our financing meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals supporting women entrepreneurs with access to finance. Furthermore, this loan provides GroFin with stable long term funding, which indirectly contributes to economic development in Africa. The activities of GroFin are deemed to have limited adverse environmental and social risks and/or impacts. GroFin has developed an environmental and social management system ("ESMS") to mitigate any potential negative impact. As part of this transaction, E&S laws and regulations of the different host countries where GroFin is active will apply.

MASSIF investment | USD 5 million

Instrument | Commercial loan