Production capacity development

Contracts CD 2020


Advision Finance – EUR 80,725

This project is part of FMO’s Covid 19 Response package. The aim is to support the target customers with community engagement as well as risk management and business continuity. The clients supported under this framework include Aye Finance, Finca and FMC.


Advans International- EUR 90,800

Advans International, is an MFI group operating in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The project aims to support the customer by providing funding for research of the effects of COVID-19 on its portfolio and the wider MFI landscape in its operating countries, which is also to be used for community awareness raising activities. This financing was a part of FMO’s COVID-19 Response Package aimed as supporting customers to adapt or scale their business models.


Aimforthemoon – EUR 177,853

The objective of the funding is to support innovation activities for our customer’s customers. Using the lean start-up and design thinking methodology, this project works hand-in-hand with the customer to discover their pain points and validate possible solutions before building to scale.


Babson College – EUR 255,805

The EMPOW(H)ER Initiative seeks to support FMO (prospective) customers to provide access to training, mentoring and capacity building for women-led MSMEs in emerging economies. Through this project, FMO customers will expand their non-financial offering with a high-quality and adaptable educational programme, benefiting women entrepreneurs and making the implementation cost-effective through a sustainable training model.


BRAC Microfinance Sierra Leone (BMSL) – EUR 47,000 and BRAC International Holdings Liberia (BML) – EUR 47,000

BRAC started its microfinance activities in both Sierra Leone and Liberia in 2008. As of July 2019, BMSL has reached over 49,000 clients and BML 36,000 with their individual microloans for women delivered through groups, and enterprise loans targeting small-scale entrepreneurs. Through this capacity development project, an in-depth market analysis will be conducted, and client-centric products and services will be developed. The project has two main goals: i) to have a deeper understanding of economic activities and financial needs of smallholder farmers in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and ii) to diversify the product offerings in the two countries.

The project is well aligned with MASSIF's impact priorities and contributes to FMO’s Gender finance strategy as the main target for this project are women.


Brac Tanzania Finance Ltd – EUR 99,745

BRAC Tanzania Finance Ltd is a microfinance institution active in Tanzania. The project aims to support BRAC Tanzania Finance Ltd by providing funding for PPE, Community Engagement and Digitalisation. This financing was a part of FMO’s COVID-19 Response Package aimed as supporting customers to adapt or scale their business models. This project contributes to mitigating the effects of Covid-19 on people at the bottom of the pyramid and adapting to the new normal.


Brac Uganda Bank Ltd – EUR 99,190

BRAC Uganda Microfinance Ltd is a Ugandan microfinance institution targeting the base of the pyramid (BoP). Through an extensive network in rural areas. The project supports the ongoing response efforts by BRAC Uganda and its partners to address the immediate challenges and the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda.
Specifically, this project focused on three areas: i) community sensitisation and health awareness-raising, ii) enhancing communication channels for client engagement, and iii) delivering training to staff on prevention and control, delinquency collection and business recovery management, as well as training on financial literacy to clients.


Creditaccess Philippines Financing – EUR 54,000

CreditAccess Philippines Financing Company Inc. (aka One Puhunan) is a non-bank financial company. One Puhunan provides working capital loans to low-income entrepreneurs. This project is aimed to expand the provision of masks to clients in need as well as staff. This would simultaneously benefit OP’s operations in the field, by building loan officer and client confidence to interact more safely.


Deloitte Financial Advisory B.V. – EUR 67,500

This project is part of FMO’s Covid 19 Response package. The aim is to support the target customers with community engagement. The clients supported under this framework include Lafise and Partec.


Dolma Impact Fund 1 - EUR 100,000

Dolma Impact 1 is a Nepal based fund. The project aims to support the customer's investee companies with PPE, awareness raising and community engagement. This financing was a part of FMO’s Covid-19 Response Package, aimed at supporting customers to adapt or scale up their business model.


Enclude B.V. – EUR 19,600

In this project, FMO’s client is Off Grid Electric one of the leading off-grid solar home system providers in Tanzania. The engagement with Enclude to support the client with financial management as part of the Remote Advisory Services package. With this package, FMO clients are supported in business continuity, crisis management, leadership and coaching to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their business, which in turn will help to sustain it.


Financiera Fama S.A. – EUR 71,000

Financiera FAMA provides support through credit and training to the micro and small business sector in Nicaragua. Through the Emergency Grant Facility, FMO is supporting Financiera FAMA to develop a mobile application to facilitate the granting of digital loans. This mobile application will allow Financiera FAMA to move fast to ensure they can establish contactless distribution channels to reach their customers at this critical time. The grant also covers protective equipment for clients and staff during the COVID crisis.


Financiera FDL S.A. – EUR 32,800

Financiera FDL, S.A. is a regulated financial institution providing financial services to urban and rural people in Nicaragua. They develop special programs to serve micro, small and medium enterprises as well as wage workers in order to promote financial sustainability and social and environmental development of their clients. With the onset of COVID-19, FDL needs protective equipment for its staff and clients for business continuity, a need that will be met with this financing.


Frankfurt School of Finance – EUR 35,511

The Capacity Development (CD) project is a continuation of the current framework agreement between the FS and FMO. The objective is to assist FI customers (initially in Africa, now globally) with risk management issues and business development. The customers supported under this framework include CIESA.


Greenland Fedha Limited – EUR 100,000

Greenland Fedha Limited (GFL) is a non-deposit taking microfinance institution fully owned by Kenya Tea Development Agency Holdings Limited (KTDA), whose core mandate is to provide affordable financial services, to small-scale farmers and lower income and rural households in Kenya. Through this project, GFL staff with PPE for their safety. Further, small scale tea farmers and their households receive support of income-generating activities that will enhance their livelihoods and income sources


Ibis Environmental Social Consulting – EUR 37,115

This project is part of FMO’s Covid 19 Response package. The aim is to support the target customers with community engagement. The clients supported under this framework include Energy Access and Scatec.


Inspiring Development – EUR 85,200

This project is a part of FMO’s Covid-19 Response Package. The project aims to support the customer with community engagement. The clients include: Middle East based Liwwa Inc (EUR 16,000); MAHA (EUR 16,800), JSC MFO CRYS (EUR 36,000), and DAWN (EUR 16,400).


Kashf Foundation- EUR 49,801

Kashf Foundation is an MFI active in Pakistan. The project aims to support Kashf Foundation with awareness raising and education, community engagement and business continuity. This financing was a part of FMO’s COVID-19 Response Package aimed as supporting customers to adapt or scale their business models.


Konu – EUR 16,500

This project is part of FMO’s Covid 19 Response package. The project aims to support the target customer with community engagement.


Lfs Advisory Gmbh – EUR 21,150

This project is a part of FMO’s Covid 19 Response package. The aim is to support the customers with community engagement. The clients supported under this framework include SFC Finance.


Liwwa Inc – EUR 12,000

Liwwa inc, a Middle East based company benefited from the Covid-19 Response Package receiving funds that were channelled towards community engagement.


Maris Limited- EUR 42,000

FMO’s client is Maris Limited, one of FMO’s investee funds in Africa. Maris limited is an existing recipient of funding for use in Capacity Development. In this project, FMO supported Maris in its commitment to further improve social and Human rights risk management within the company’s portfolio.


Mennonite Economic Development Associates of Canada (MEDA) - EUR 200,000

FMO’s partner is MEDA (the Mennonite Economic Development Associates of Canada), a development cooperation consultant active in Myanmar. The funding objective is to collaborate with CDC to create an ecosystem development program in Myanmar dubbed the Myanmar Enabling Investment Program (MEIP).


Nathan Associates London Ltd. – EUR 85,000

This project is under the Internal framework allocation. The objective is to manage corporate governance risks in our customer’s portfolio


Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschap – EUR 128,652

This project is under the Internal framework allocation. The objective is to manage corporate governance risks in our customer’s portfolio.


One To Watch B.V. – EUR 400,000

One to Watch (OTW) is an impact investment management company established in 2012. It is based in the Netherlands with subsidiaries in Nepal and Myanmar. FMO will provide a grant to One To Watch to support two accelerator programs for local entrepreneurs/small and medium enterprises in Myanmar and Nepal to support capacity building and make them investment-ready.


Seeds For Progress Foundation – EUR 100,000

Seeds for Progress is the foundation of FMO´s client MERCON, which is a global, green coffee supplier. This project combines and scales up measures against COVID-19. It is composed of 3 main actions: 1) Communication and awareness, 2) Education, 3) Provision of safety kits. This project will reach 4,000 small farmers, 12,220 family members, 77,278 temporary workers and 4,769 children. The target groups are small coffee farmers, plus their families and rural workers.


Takura Capital Partners (Private) L – EUR 99,600

Takura Capital is a Private Equity Fund active in Africa. With this project, funded as part of the Covid-19 response package, Takura aims to support its customers with health care services by providing funding for medical facilities and PPE.


First Microfinance Company – EUR 31,900

First Microfinance Company Egypt (FMF-E) is a non-profit MFI in Egypt. FMF-E focuses on bottom-of-the-pyramid, mainly rural clients in Egypt, particularly youth and women. The project supports FMF-E in taking the required precaution measures and stimulates the use of digital channels for FMF-E’s customers. The project is an emergency response to the spread of COVID-19 and aims to facilitate the sustainable provision of the company’s financial services during and post-pandemic


The Lebanese Association For Development – EUR 65,000

Digital business continuity to Al Majmoua. Al Majmoua is the number one MFI in Lebanon and provides loans and free business development services and socially oriented activities, with a focus on empowerment of marginalized communities. The economic and political crises in Lebanon have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the more recent destruction of Beirut. In this highly challenging context, Al Majmoua struggles to run its operations and to serve its 72,500 clients. Through this emergency grant, FMO supports Al Majmoua in ensuring the continuity of services, during and after COVID-19. It does so by renewing the subscriptions of key IT and software licenses Al Majmoua uses to conduct their daily business as currently, Al Majmoua is not able to renew these licenses because of capital controls that prevent international payments. The operating systems could not be sustained without the availability of this grant and it allows Al Majmoua to keep serving its customers.


The Meloy Fund - I , GP LLC – EUR 72,500

The Meloy Fund for Sustainable Community Fisheries (“Meloy”) is a pioneering impact investing vehicle developed to provide capital to enterprises that participate in the coastal fishing and aquaculture supply chains. Its focus is on investments in Indonesia and the Philippines. The objective of this project is to help Meloy with supporting portfolio companies and other impacted SMEs in its pipeline to provide a safe working environment for employees and fish suppliers, as well as bridge the gap between slow-moving government aid and current need for subsistence and health and safety supplies.


Thitsar Ooyin Company Limited- EUR 75,000

Thitsar Ooyin Company Limited is a microfinance institution created by GRET, an international development NGO based in France. In this project. FMO co-funded the services of GRET to support Thitsar Ooyin’s to i) Improve the overall governance of the organization ii) support the implementation of new departments in the organization and iii) support in ensuring the Operational, Audit, Finance and HR manuals are in place. This project will provide quality financial services and strengthen the management capacities of low-income farmers.


UN Capital Development Fund – EUR 500,000

UNCDF is the United Nations’ capital investment agency for the world’s least developed countries and has a mandate to provide capital and technical support. FMO engaged in two projects with this partner. The first is focused on providing investment capital and technical assistance (TA) support to promising SMEs operating in two fragile states: Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This project will allow cooperation towards sustainable financial inclusion targeting the base of the pyramid.
In the second, FMO would support the launch of the Women Enterprise Recovery Fund which looks to partner with private sector innovators to design and launch digital solutions which help women enterprises that have been economically impacted by COVID-19 and to address their financial and other business requirements.


Varcando Limited – EUR 253,000

The objective of the funding is to support a feasibility study for a microfinance fund focused on setting up greenfield MFIs in the Sahel region, to be managed by Varcando.


WIC Capital – EUR 350,000

Women's Investment Club Senegal (WIC Senegal) is a non-profit woman-led initiative, whose objective is to promote women’s participation in economic growth of Africa through investing in Women-led MSMEs (WMSMEs). FMO participated in 2 projects with WIC Capital. In one, funds aimed at strengthening the WIC Academy with a classic CD grant, supporting the first cohort of WMSMEs to receive tailored technical support, amongst others to get these WMSMEs to a stage of investment readiness. In the second, funds were used to provide catalytic first loss capital for WIC Capital, aiming to mobilize funding to be invested in about 50 promising WMSMEs over a 5-year horizon.


XSML Capital Ltd – EUR 280,000

The client in this project is XSML Capital, a fund active in East Africa. The project aims to support the customer's investee companies with PPE, awareness raising and community engagement as part of FMO’s Covid-19 Response Package.


XSML Capital III LTD – EUR 30,000

XSML Capital III ltd, a PE Fund active in Africa. FMO is dedicated to creating value for its customers through the provision of external guidance, knowledge, and skills transfer. The project funds will be used to provide support to the customer in the following topics: HR and Diversity and Inclusion.