Introduction to the Impact Management Project

The Impact Management Project (IMP) is global network of organisations from the impact investing and international development sector. Examples of organisations from each of these sectors are the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP), respectively. Together, these organisations strive to develop a global standard for impact measurement and management.

A key element in the journey towards this vision is reaching a consensus on the language we use to describe impact. To this end, the IMP has organised the input from more than 2,000 social businesses, impact investors and development practitioners into a simple framework. This framework describes the impact of any social, economic or environmental change caused or intended by an organisation according to the following five dimensions.

What outcome(s) do the organisation’s activities drive and how important are these to the people experiencing them or the planet?

Who experiences the outcome(s) and how underserved are the affected stakeholders in relation to the outcome(s)?

How many stakeholders experience the outcome, what degree of change do they experience and for how long do they experience the outcome?

Did the organisation’s efforts result in outcomes that are likely to be better than those which would have otherwise occurred?

What is the likelihood that the impact will be different than expected, and that the difference will be material from the perspective of people or the planet who experience impact?

Since encouraging universally agreed standards for impact reporting is a core aspect of the FMO’s 2025 strategy, it participated in a GIIN-facilitated pilot of these five dimensions in March 2018. The pilot tested the five dimensions’ suitability for mapping the FMO’s current portfolio in terms of impact. In the spirit of this pilot, the five dimensions will also be used in the annual reports of the FMO’s three government funds - MASSIF, Access to Energy Fund and Infrastructure Development Fund - to describe the impact of a selected number of investments in the form of case studies.

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